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Mabuhay, kaibigan! 👋🏾

Jen and Nani are on a mission to bring Filipina/o/x Americans together and help them uncover their individuality while honoring their culture. 

Thanks to our TFAW Project listener support throughout the years, we've upgraded our platform and are now ready to provide a safe and supportive space for exploration, growth, and connection. ☕️

At THENEWFILIPINA.COM, you'll join a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about sharing their stories and creating representation for the Filipino American community. 

Here's what you can look forward to:

  • Daily Chats at the Tsismis Corner: Join in on daily discussions with your fellow community members. We discuss anything from life & culture, personal development, entrepreneurship, the latest news, and much more.
  • Monthly Book Club: Expand your knowledge and perspectives by joining the Tsismis with Jen and Nani (TJN) monthly book club. You'll also have access to a special chatroom to share thoughts and takeaways with other members.
  • Private Podcast: Get exclusive access to the Tsismis with Jen and Nani (TJN) private podcast with a unique RSS feed link. You'll also receive replays of past workshops and events and invitations to future opportunities that delve deeper into our journey as content creators and business partners.

THENEWFILIPINA.COM is a safe space where you can explore your authentic self, find your "chosen family", receive guidance and advice on breaking toxic generational patterns and challenging harmful cultural norms, deepen your knowledge and awareness of Filipino American culture, and step into your truth. 

And that's just the beginning! So leave your 🩴 tsinelas 🩴 at the door and join us on this exciting journey!

Thank you for your support. We'll see you on the inside. 🏠🍲

💛 Jen & Nani

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